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Immersion Tunnels are state-of-the-art media-based attractions that wrap guests 180 degrees in a seamless 3D stereoscopic projected display.

Guests ride in tram-like vehicles on a motion base platform capable of massive pitch, roll, and heave, all coordinated to the on-screen action. With the stereo imagery delivered through multiple pairs of HD projectors, the result is a stunningly immersive and truly unforgettable ride experience.


Bobbejaanland, Lichtaart, Belgium

The Forbidden Caves, an original story and media experience created and owned by Super 78, takes guests on a heart-pounding trip through a supernatural subterranean world. The adventure begins in the Southeast Asian nation of Khyonesia, where Jasper DuBois, the grandson of famed explorer Jean-Pierre DuBois, runs his "Amazing Cave Tours" eco-tourism operation. Walking in his grandfather's footsteps, Jasper hopes to discover a mythical grotto filled with powerful crystals hidden deep beneath the rainforest floor. Unfortunately, his disturbance of these sacred spaces awakens forces long dormant. In a frantic race through mysterious tunnels, abandoned mine shafts, and lava-filled caverns, guests barely escape from animated stone snakes, giant insects, a small army of stone guardians, and finally a colossal stone warrior!


Movie Park Germany, Bottrop-Kirchhellen

Super 78’s Brent Young served as creative director for “The Lost Temple,” a marquee attraction at Movie Park Germany. The Lost Temple was the world’s first “full field of vision” Immersion Tunnel attraction, and was also the first attraction to be developed with our Mushroom VR system. The high-adrenaline adventure takes riders on a perilous trip into a subterranean realm that is home to an ancient Mayan temple. And down in these long-hidden caverns, dinosaurs still rule the earth.