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Are you looking to refresh an existing attraction? Or do you want to offer your guests a new attraction on an accelerated timeline (and optimized budget)?

In our Dream Vault, we’ve got several “ready to install” attraction packages for short- or long-term licensing agreements. Send your guests on a wild ride through mysterious, ancient caverns. Or send them on an even wilder ride to the farthest reaches of deep space. Or let them take a dive to a beautiful coral reef at the bottom of the ocean!

Alpha Flight

A routine mission to test a new form of spacecraft turns into a thrilling race against time to save the Universe. With a rogue A.I. pilot at the helm, we hurtle from one wild alien planet to another to stop the ultimate doomsday clock. This intergalactic adventure will take us below the waves of an alien ocean, through the trees of an extraordinary “forest,” over the detonating volcanoes of a planet on the verge of self-destruction, and beyond!

Flight of the Dragon

Flight of the Dragon, written and directed by Super 78’s Brent Young, is a large format film that captures astonishing aerial footage of China’s Great Wall, scenic views of the Yellow Mountains, Zhangjiajie, and the Lijiang River, taking guests through an extraordinary tour of China’s most famous and beautiful landmarks.

This magical story of China begins with a photo-real, computer generated Dragon who guides the audience through the spectacular landmarks right to the grand finale, a dazzling fireworks display over Shanghai’s futuristic Pudong district.


Flying Over America

Written and Directed by Super 78 principal Brent Young, “Flying over America” is a five minute and thirty second high definition film that celebrates America’s most beautiful and breathtaking vistas and landmarks as we follow legendary Chinese aviators Feng Ru and Tan Gen on an exciting aerial ride across the country.

Our team spent four weeks in helicopters over various United States landmarks to film a truly one-of-a-kind film. Super 78 used RED digital camera for the live shoots. We also produced the design, VFX, and installation.Written and directed by Super 78 Principal, Brent Young, "Flying Over America" is a five minute and thirty second high definition film that celebrates America's most beautiful and breathtaking vistas and landmarks as we follow legendary Chinese aviators Feng Ru and Tan Gen on an exciting aerial ride across the country.


The Forbidden Caves

The Forbidden Caves, an original story and media experience created and owned by Super 78, takes guests on a heart-pounding trip through a supernatural subterranean world. The adventure begins in the Southeast Asian nation of Khyonesia, where Jasper DuBois, the grandson of famed explorer Jean-Pierre DuBois, runs his "Amazing Cave Tours" eco-tourism operation. Walking in his grandfather's footsteps, Jasper hopes to discover a mythical grotto filled with powerful crystals hidden deep beneath the rainforest floor. Unfortunately, his disturbance of these sacred spaces awakens forces long dormant. In a frantic race through mysterious tunnels, abandoned mine shafts, and lava-filled caverns, guests barely escape from animated stone snakes, giant insects, a small army of stone guardians, and finally a colossal stone warrior!


Reef Rescue

Starring Sting, a Great Barrier Reef ray, and his friend Bob, the triggerfish, Reef Rescue is a transformative high-capacity virtual reality experience that communicates the global coral reef problem and its solutions in a really fun and engaging way. Guests take control of their own R.O.V.E.R. mini-submarines and train to become “Reef Rangers.” Together, they work to restore a sick coral reef to health in three “mission segments:” they clean up trash, plant healthy coral branches and feed fish swimming above reef!


Super 78 has created two Geppetto interactive character experiences with original IP that are available for licensing.


REEF RESCUE - The Interactive Experience

Sting, the star of Reef Rescue, speaks live to guests as he and Bob the triggerfish welcome us to their home beneath the waves! Along with the fun, playful interactions, guests learn about coral reefs and how to protect them.


This interactive experience stars an all-new version of the world’s most beloved marionette! Carlo Collodi’s internationally cherished character comes to life in a way he never has before, with a Pacific Northwest spin.

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